Adimanti New Products

Adimanti is a young brand created for the convenience of active and mercurial persons. The range of the specified brand includes EDC-carrying knives, sharpeners, shovels, various accessories. In the category " Adimanti Novelties" you will find practical and inexpensive products that will help you cope with various household tasks effectively. They are quite suitable for use in tourism, because of their high reliability and small size.

New models of Adimanti knives

The most frequently used tool, which is necessary for literally everyone, is, of course, a knife. With a knife, you can perform various operations, and knives are divided into many varieties. Brand knives are very convenient, with a simple design; compact products created by the designer Ruslan Skimen. They are presented in several bright colors, have a foldable design, easy to use, in addition, durable and wear-resistant. Choosing such a knife, you will provide yourself with a reliable assistant, which will be at hand in various situations.

These knives are composed of high-quality D2 steel, as well as a modern material – G10 fiberglass plastic. Such components in the composition provide the product strength, resistance to various influences, as well as a long service life.

Novelties of Adimanti sharpeners

FIX-ANGLE WITH 4 STONE Sharpener. This is a professional mechanism, suitable for various types of blades. It is very convenient and has very small dimensions. It can be fixed to a tabletop or other surface, and there are special bolts for this purpose. It can be applied to knives, scissors, other types of tools. It is strong and durable.

New models of Adimanti shovels

A shovel of the Adimanti brand is a modern, very practical product. It will be appreciated by lovers of travel, hiking, tourism. It can also be used in the garden or during camping. In short, this is a successful acquisition from the point of view of practical use. Shovels of this type combine several functions, they are compact and easy to use. A great solution for various outdoor activities.

Buy brand novelties

You can buy the model you are interested in on our website. Here is a wide range of all kinds of products for tourism enthusiasts, gardeners, motorists, athletes, travelers and other categories of persons. The affordable price of the products and their high utility will be rightly appreciated by the buyers of the products. Convenient delivery throughout the United States. Fast and reliable.