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    NEW Skimen knife "NEFORMAT"
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The Adimanti brand is a new word in the knife industry. It is a symbol of brevity and style combined with high productivity. Cute and simple products designed to assist effectively in everyday tasks are hidden under this brand. Adimanti from Ganzo is the next round of development of the famous Chinese company. According to the manufacturer, the brand will include various knife products from freelance designers. The debut series of practical EDC-knives was named Skimen in honor of designer Ruslan Statsenko (Skimen).

The history of Adimanti is not very long, but this brand has the potential to firmly establish itself in the market of relevant products. Because it was created by a company with a wealth of experience in the development of knives with affordable cost and excellent characteristics.

Adimanti knives are characterized by a folding design, made with the use of modern, wear-resistant and practical materials. They are light in weight and small in size, well cope with the tasks assigned to them. Moreover, they are quite convenient and simple to use, this is facilitated by the ergonomic shape of the models. The quality of Adimanti knives meets modern requirements. They withstand mechanical loads and are perfectly adapted to different application conditions. You can take these products with you on a hike, a trip, a picnic; use them on the journey, at home in everyday life, and so on, which is quite important.

Adimanti will surely appeal to those who are looking for good knives for everyday needs at a low cost. They will appeal to connoisseurs of reliability and simplicity. The hardness of these models reaches 58-60 units by the Rockwell scale, which is considered a pretty good indicator of such products. The official warranty for Adimanti is one year from the date of purchase.

You can purchase high-quality products of the brand on our website. Both knives and other brand products are available for sale here. You will find here a model that will meet your taste, as well as satisfy the cost and technical characteristics. A wide range of available products bodes for this. Delivery of orders is carried out throughout the United States and guarantees the convenience of the buyer. Giving preference to the Adimanti brand, you get well-designed, modern, very convenient to use and reliable products. They are designed for a long period of work, and greatly facilitate the life of active people.

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