Adimanti Folding Knives

A knife is an object that everyone has encountered with. Small folding knives are particularly convenient, especially when it comes to tourism. They are easy to put in your pocket and carry with you every day. In terms of efficiency and functionality, they are not inferior to conventional knives, and they are superior in convenience. The Adimanti Folding Knife embodies quality, reliability, simplicity, concise design and high utility. Moreover, these models are relatively inexpensive.

New Folding Knives from Adimanti

Updates of the brand are five knives of bright colors, created by the famous master Ruslan Skimen. All these models are based on durable D2 steel, and the handles are made of G10 fiberglass plastic. They have a convenient folding design, a high hardness index, namely, 58-60 units by the Rockwell scale. Adimanti Folding Knife is useful for solving various household tasks. It is especially convenient to use in tourist activities. These knives are characterized as EDC-carrying models. This is their great advantage.

Ergonomic models will be used during hiking, fishing, hunting, and travel. These specimens have drop point shaped blades that are equally good both at slicing and puncturing. Such blades can be very often found in knives designed for tourism.

Buy knives of the Adimanti brand

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